A tread, a track, a footprint is a signal left by men in it’s journey through earth, the trace of civilization. It’s not an object but it’s negative. Not a memory nor a oblivion: just an absence.Shoah´s museums and monuments always deal with a size contradiction between an enormous metaphoric & representative space and the exhibited objects, usually small personal pieces. It’s fundamental this presence of simple objects (china, correspondence, photography’s, shoes, tools, clothes, books) because decant the social memory in individual memory. Even though we know millions died in the Shoah, it touches us deeper by getting to know personal stories as Ana Frank’s one.
Our memorial sets a display of sculptures with everyday life objects imprints in them. These are cast in white concrete. The original objects are destroyed by the operation but it rescues its iconic profile as a metaphor of its disappearance. The objects negative cast on stone makes an urban fossil highly suggestive.
The memory it’s detained in the artificial stones as a metaphor of hundreds of individual memories joining in a collective Avatar.
Memory treads.

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